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Trees and Shrubs

New Plants in the Nursery 2015

X Gordlinia grandiflora – 'Sweet Tea'
This is an exciting inter-generic hybrid of two southeast natives Franklinia alatamaha – and Gordonia lasianthus. Franklinia or Franklin tree has been extinct in the wild for some time and has become one of the most treasured garden plants to have – unfortunately it is prone to root rot. The Gordonia or Loblolly-bay is native to wet soils and is a root rot resistant and evergreen. Both of these trees are in the tea family hence the name 'Sweet Tea'. This hybrid features 5 inch white camellia-like fragrant flowers with a large yellow center and is long blooming - from June through September. The tree is semi evergreen with burgundy color in fall on the older leaves. Reaching only 20 feet it is a good choice as a small specimen tree. This tree is heat tolerant but not draught tolerant so amend with plenty of compost for better drainage and to keep the tree moist.

Hydrangea macrophylla – 'Bloomstruck'
This plant is the latest addition the Endless Summer series of re-blooming hydrangeas. 'Bloomstruck' features stronger stems, better heat tolerance and is resistant to powdery mildew. The stems and petioles are red and the leaves have red veins. The flower heads are larger as well. Rosy pink to purple flowers depending on the pH. This series originally introduced in 2003 only has four hydrangeas including 'Bloomstruck' and they all are hugely popular.

'The Icecap' Rose
A new landscape rose from a breeding partnership between Will Radlner (The Knock Out series) and Meilland international (a French rose breeding firm founded in the 1800's). It is a compact, tough and disease resistant shrub rose. Featuring paper white cup shaped double flowers. It reaches 2 ½ feet tall by 3 feet wide. It is an excellent repeat bloomer.